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How To Use Crystals To Attract Love Romance?

Are you single and wanting to find your soulmate? Or do you feel lonely and looking to find a companion? Well, now you can do so with the help of the following crystals which will attract love and romance into your lives. For those who are already...

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Why Do I Need To Cleanse and Charge My Crystals?

Have you bought any crystals before in a bid to help you attract wealth, health or love? Do you feel that things got worse after using these crystals? Why is this so? You may have made a big mistake when trying to use these crystals to help you. Do not...

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AMETHYST - A variety of Quartz. It strengthens the endocrine system and immune system.This is good for activating your right side of the brain and in normalising mental disorders. It is and excellent blood cleanser. However it is more known of its effects...

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AMBER - Originated from the fossils of pines trees .Its vibrations effects the the endocrine system ,spleen and the heart. Its healing qualities are harmonizing and soothing. It stabilizes your kundalini awakening and and spiritualize your intellect.It...

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AMAZONITE - A variety of feldspar. It helps to soothe the nervous system as well as strengthen the heart and the physical body.Its aids in the alignment of the mental and etheric body that sparks creative expression and feelings of upliftment and joy.Its...

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AGATE - Its a variety of chalcedony that helps to tone your body and strengthen your mind. By just holding in your hands you will feel a sense of strength and courage.It helps to facilitate your mental acuity so you will be able to discern truth and to be...

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Crystal Chronology

There are many kinds of Crystals that have different healing properties that can help you in resolving your emotional issues. Below are a list of Gems and Minerals that will help you look into the description and see which one you feel drawn to. Take your...

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Are Crystal Gifts Any Good?

People are attracted to crystals and gemstones because they bring abundance, harmony and peace into their lives, whether for their career, personal finance, family and love life, among others. Surely, everyone seems to be very interested in crystal gifts....

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The Six Benefits of Crystal Decoration

If you have been given crystal decoration by your friend, colleague or loved one, then you may be thinking what are on them for you. For many years, crystals have been around used by the ancients for the belief that they can give them energy and power. In...

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