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Have you bought any crystals before in a bid to help you attract wealth, health or love? Do you feel that things got worse after using these crystals?

Why is this so? You may have made a big mistake when trying to use these crystals to help you. Do not worry, with the following, you will be able to rectify the issue and maximize the purpose of all the crystals you have purchased.

First of all, regardless of where you have gotten the crystals, it is best to do a thorough cleansing of the crystals. There may be residue energies left from the people who have touched this crystal before your purchase and the last that you want is to have these negative energies stored inside the crystal. You will then realize that instead of getting what this crystal is supposed to do for you, you get the opposite effects.

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal. Some uses a prayer ritual, some use sound bath or smudging, some use running water or burying to earth. There are no fast and hard rules but be sure to check out the properties of the crystals before you do any of the above suggested cleansing methods. For example selenite should never be placed under running water.

Next, once your crystal is fully cleansed and reset, you need to charge it with your intent so that it will sync with your intentions. If the crystals are ready to match your intentions, you will find things getting better in whatever wishes you have set.

Have fun in using your crystals!

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