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When a crystal is first obtained, it has already gone through the hands of several people starting from the  miners who mined it to the ones packing it until it reaches the wholesalers and to the retail shops. By then it may have already been touched by many prospective buyers who had hold the crystal in their hands to feel if it resonate with them. 

As mentioned before crystals have a unique ability to hold energies  so by the time you bought it, your precious crystal  has already  absorbed the energy of all those people who had hold them. The problem lies in the fact that energies can be positive as well as negative  and by holding the  crystal it may transfer the energy to you. 

Which is why cleansing your healing crystal is very important whether it just  small   gem or a big crystal like a crystal ball. The process of this  method of cleansing is recognized and  has been used for thousand of years even by the medical practitioners . It is the practice of using salt water.

Crystals a have pixzoelectric properties and saline solutions are sympathetic to electrical charges. Gently place your crystal in a bowl or any container you can find  containing the saline solution and leave it in there for three days. The negative energy will be cleansed and the  crystal will be back to its original god given energy. A clean slate.  A faster method will be to simply add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and within  half and hour, voila it is ready for use again!

Second method of cleansing for those who have the luxury of a garden or if you  live  close to the ground like a landed property. All you have to do is bury the crystal in the earth and let mother earth do the work.

Another method is to put the crystal out in the sunlight this method is more convenient as it is clean and hassle free.

Another important thing about crystal that you must remember is that like human it get weaken and need to recharge. The crystal acts as a moderator, if you has too much energy, the crystal will absorb it and if you have too little energy it will transfer energy  to you. If you are  consistently in a state of low energy, maybe you are sick and you are continually draining the energy of the crystal like every stored energy like kinetic energy it eventually ran out and need to be restored.

Like cleansing recharging can be done in two  ways.. A frequently use method is to get a cluster crystal. Put the crystal you want to recharge in the cluster crystal and leave it there for three hours.

So how is a cluster crystal able to recharge your drained crystal? The reason is because a cluster crystal have several member crystals attached to the base, so there is always continual energy flowing from one finger point to another. Within hours the  crystal’s energy will be restored and once again  it can of service to the user again.

A more simpler method for those who does not have access to a cluster crystal, is to simply put the crystal out in the sun. It will be recharge by the energy of the sun, a free  source of energy from where sustenance and well being of all life depends on.

General care of the crystal

Even thought the crystal is hard registering level 7 on the MOH level of hardness. It is actually quite brittle so you must never drop, hit or throw it.  It will at least crack if not shattered into pieces. Especially with pointed crystal be careful as the tip is where the energy is flowing and if it broken it can no longer be use as a healing tool for critical areas of the body that need healing.

Last thing to take note and  remember. Your thoughts are energy.  Your intentions have energy imbued that you can project to any living  things or inanimate objects. Be aware that if you project negative thoughts  to the crystal then that what you will get from the crystal. So if you made a choice to project thoughts of love, kindness, happiness and other positive emotional qualities. Great news for you! The crystal will be a powerful amplifier enhancing the wholeness of your body and mind. It can be a source of great blessing in your life enhancing many areas of your life.