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Are you single and wanting to find your soulmate? Or do you feel lonely and looking to find a companion? Well, now you can do so with the help of the following crystals which will attract love and romance into your lives.

For those who are already attached, using the right type of love crystals will also help to bring in love and harmony to your relationship. Of course, you need to also act accordingly so that the crystals will bring you the desired outcome.

Rose Quartz

The most common love crystal that you may know is the rose quartz. It is the stone of unconditional love and possesses soft feminine energy of compassion, self-love, romantic love and sensuality. If you want to attract high unconditional love and also self-love in your life, rose quartz is the crystal you should consider.

Red Ruby

If you are looking for a powerful and robustic romance, try using the red ruby. Red ruby crystal help to activate the root chakra which is known to promote sensual pleasures and increase desires. When the root chakra is in its optimal level, it helps to bring a sense of confidence and power to those wearing the red ruby crystal. This is the crystal you are looking for if you want that person whom you desired for a long time to take a second glance at you and approach you. Or if you feel a bit stuck in your current relationship, use the red ruby to create a boost in sexual energy and spark up your love life!

Green Aventurine

If you feel stuck in a relationship and wishes to move on, the green aventurine may be the stone for you. It helps you “change” your luck for the better so that you can say goodbye to those wrong partners for good and start attracting someone which is a good candidate.

Time to use the green aventurine to start a great romance!

Above are some of the crystals which can help you attract the love and romance you always wanted in your life!

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