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There are many kinds of Crystals that have different healing properties that can help you in resolving your emotional issues. Below are a list of Gems and Minerals that will help you look into the description and see which one you feel drawn to. Take your time to feel the transformational effects. For many the results are pretty quick. So take your time have fun reading. In time to come there will be more .

AGATE – It’s a variety of chalcedony that helps to tone your body and strengthen your mind. By just holding in your hands you will feels a sense of strength and courage. It helps to facilitate your mental acuity to be able to discern truth and to be more accepting of the circumstances. It has a grounding but energetic effect. Its works on the chakras based on the the color of the stones.

ALEXANDRITE – A variety of chrysoberyl. It helps to align your mental and spiritual body for spiritual regeneration and transformation. Using this will heighten your potential for spiritual unfoldment and feeling of oneness with all life it activates your crown chakras. On the physical side its helps to increase your internal and external regeneration capabilities. It has positive influence the organs like the spleen, pancreas and the nervous system too.

AMAZONITE – A variety of feldspar. It also soothes the nervous system as well as strenghtens the heart and the physical body. Its aids in the alignment of the mental and etheric body that sparks creative expression and feelings of upliftment and joy. Its influence the throat chakra so use it to facilitate awareness of clearer vision of your negative tendencies making it easier to release it.

AMBER – Originated from the fossils of pines trees. It’s vibrations effects the endocrine system spleen and the heart. Its healing qualities are harmonizing and soothing. It stabilizes your kundalini awakening and and spiritualize your intellect. It’s main influence is on the solar plexus and the crown chakras.

AMETHYST – A variety of Quartz. It strengthens the endocrine system and immune system. This is good for activating your right side of the brain and in normalizing mental disorders. Its has excellent blood cleanser. It is more known of its effects on the spiritual body. Using this stone during meditation will enhance your psychic abilities and aid your channeling abilities.

AQUAMARINE – A variety of beryl. It calms ones nerves reduce fluid retention. Strengthens the liver, kidneys spleen, and thyroid. It is great for detoxing the body and enhancing the mental faculties. It balance the emotional mental and physical bodies. Use this to get rid of your phobias and fears. In meditation it evokes the sensation of peace calmness and inspiration. It influence the throat and solar plexus.