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Crystals have always been regarded by many as a source of power. A gift by the higher powers bestowed to man for healing and spiritual transformation. Since ancient times the use of crystals and gemstones have attributed to the belief that it bring wealth, love and other wondrous properties. In modern time its benefits are utilized with our modern day technology. They power computers, watches, laser technology and others.

Today in the present times we are rediscovering the power of crystal healing. It is a fascinating science that influence us in more ways than we can imagine. We can uses specific crystals and gemstones to influence our destiny personality for the better. Each crystal has a unique energy signature. All you need to do is to find a crystal that is attuned to your own personal energy signature and it will help you to activate your own internal power, raise your energetic resonance to keep you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balance. You may also feel the expansion of your consciousness with continued use of the amazing crystals.

So how can crystals influence us? The answer is very simple. The one thing that we human have in common with Crystals are its vibrational similarities. We humans as well as all living things have energetic life force which is known as the aura. The crystal is actually is a storage medium for bio energy and amplifies  interact with the human aura. Anyone holding a crystal will be able to receive the energy into their tissues and cells. The amplified energy received enhanced the body’s bio energetic patterns resulting in increased well being. A body with high frequency resonance will be less susceptible to getting sick as viruses and bacteria are functioning at a lower rate of vibrational frequency.

The body energy is what sustain us. Anything that interfere with the flow of the energetic system will throw the system off balance and blockages of energy mean that cells will not receive the energy and in turn will be susceptible to sickness.

The use of  different crystals with the right application, its unique colour properties bring us the power of colour healing which also helps us to increase our vitality and increase our immune system .

You can find crystals for so many purposes like love, attracting the opposite sex, protection from negative energies, increasing your good luck, enhancing your potential for wealth and abundance, grounding, better decision making for personal and business reasons and so many others. Crystal balls are good for enhancing your intuition or to look into future possibilities. The vibrations you are holding in your body plays a role  in determining you future. Positive emotional energies and beliefs will help to expanse your potential of attracting the circumstances that will come about in the manifesting of your desires.

If you like there are crystal healing courses that are taught by Crystal healers who are passionate about using crystals for healing. It is good to get connected with like minded people who have the same interest and beliefs and most important of all, want to improve their lives, fulfill their life long purpose and achieve their dreams! Being in a mastermind group of positive practitioners will uplift your own personal energy.

There are several articles on types of crystals and their attributes that will assist you in identifying what you need for your own growth and personal empowerment. So have fun reading and  hope you will begin your exciting journey of exploration with Crystal Healing soon.  May the use of  these wonderful god given tools bless you with many blessings and joy. Its time to reclaim your birthright. It is your destiny. You have a unique purpose on this earth.  Live it and live your life to the fullest!