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People are attracted to crystals and gemstones because they bring abundance, harmony and peace into their lives, whether for their career, personal finance, family and love life, among others. Surely, everyone seems to be very interested in crystal gifts. Aside from being presents, they can be used for a crystal trophy or award, too.

Crystal Gifts

Gemstones or crystals are great gifts to receive so your loved ones will surely appreciate your effort of giving them a gift of healing. That is why people love receiving gems for their anniversaries, birthdays and weddings, among other special occasions. To get their full benefits, people are advised not to buy these stones for their personal use but as a gift to another person.

If not, the crystal may not work as it is supposed to. On the other hand, there are people who oppose this because they think that giving oneself the gift of treatment is a good gesture, too. For instance, you were in a store and pulled by a gemstone or crystal’s vibration. It may mean that you are being invited by that gemstone or crystal to become its owner.

  1. For gifts, you can choose to give rose quartz if your recipient is single and looking for love and romance. He or she can put it inside the bedroom for inviting forgiveness and for opening the heart’s chakra.
  2. You can also choose to give financial security by buying a citrine crystal. One can put the Merchant’s stone or Citrine in his home for positive effects on his cash flow. In addition, such can welcome fortune and wealth into his home.
  3. For wisdom and luck, one can give a Jade crystal as a part of a crystal trophy if you want to give the gift of gentleness and pure thoughts. On the other hand, jade is also good for healing the body and the mind so it would also be a great gift for the elders as well as to anyone you think needs calm and peace.

Where to Find the Power of Crystals

They said that crystal power can be in its structure that is growing and reaching lights from the deepest of the earth and told that one can become a conductor of energy and work both as a transmitter and receiver. However, you should keep your gemstones, crystal award or trophy clean all the time so that it can be free from any negative external vibrations because you will be attuned to the vibrations of these stones. For many, they said that one should select a stone that attracts best for them or that seems to speak with them.

Definitely, buying crystals and giving them as presents or including them on crystal trophy or award can become a great decision. However, make it sure you buy real and right crystals that can serve their main purpose well.

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