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AMETHYST РA variety of Quartz. It strengthens the endocrine system and immune system.This is good for activating your right side of the brain and in normalising mental disorders. It is and excellent blood cleanser. However it is more known of its effects on the spiritual body. Using this stone during meditation will enhance your psychic abilities and aid your channeling abilities.

Its Chakras correspondences are the third eye, the crown, soul star, stellar gateway and beyond. It physiological correspondences is comprehensive. It covers the cellular and metabolic processes, endocrine function, transmission of the nervous system, harmonisation of the two hemispheres of the brain. functioning of the immune system, blood and also the respiratory system and the digestive tracts .Even psychosomatic problems are rectified with Amethyst.

Its vibrational frequency is high. There are other kind of Amethysts which belong of the same family . They are Vera Cruz , Brandenberg, Amethyst Elestial and Sirius Amethyst.These kind of Amethyst have exceptionally high vibration. Very high indeed.

Legendary power

The symbolising qualities of wisdom, love, devotion including a peace of mind is associated with Amethyst .In ancient times Amethyst crystal are worn by the royalty as it signify power. In the period of the Roman civilisation soldiers drank wine from amethyst cups as it was believed the the effects of amethyst will nullify the effect of drunkenness . In fact for a thousand year, maybe more people wore Amethysts so as to protect themselves against intoxication.

Amethyst colour comes from iron..however there was myth from thee greek tradition the explains otherwise.

Amethyst is associated with Archangel Raphael and is so happens that it is one of the crystals used in the breastplate of the High priest. In Christian church it signify high rank and so it was worn for that very reason. It symbolises victory over the passion of man and spiritual power. The archbishop of Mainz in the 800 ad believed that the use of amethyst imbues the wearer or user the constant thought of heaven.

Healing power.

The high vibrations of Amethyst is able to remove subtle dis-ease .It helps to tranquillise and made you understand the source of your addiction. Crystal practitioners use the Amethyst on the head to heal headaches. You can use a cloth and wrapped the amethyst around you head. or you can use a headband just made a small insertion and put the Amethyst in. Use amethyst to help you quell anxiety and to release psychological pain as well as physical pain.It can help to reduce the swelling you have in your body.

If you have the means do get an Amethyst cluster or a geode as it is excellent for healing of Mother Earth and for space clearing . Use it in your office or your home. This will helps to clear the negativity . It is an excellent blocker of all kind of electromagnetic frequencies and geopathic stress.

Transformational Power

Amethyst helps you open your third eye and clarify your spiritual vision ,it keeps your mind clear thus aiding you in the attainment of enlightenment. Use a high frequency Vera Cruz amethyst to stimulate your soul chakra or stellar gateway chakra . It helps to stimulate the origin connection of your soul and activate multidimensional cellular healing . To transform your life and to manifest your dream , use Amethyst. It will assist you in detaching unwanted entities, thought forms that no longer serve you and the release of the mental constructs so you that you will be able to see past the illusions and assist you in experiencing true reality.