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AMBER РOriginated from the fossils of pines trees .Its vibrations effects the the endocrine system ,spleen and the heart. Its healing qualities are harmonizing and soothing. It stabilizes your kundalini awakening and and spiritualize your intellect.It main influence is on the solar plexus and the crown chakras.

On the physical body its physiological influences are on the kidneys, stomach, gallbladder and joints.

While its vibrational frequency is Earthly interestingly its also provide protection in the higher dimensions..

Legendary Power

Amber has long been associated with protection and renewal partly because insects looked beautifully preserved. They look like they are ready to come back to life anytime. This remind me of the famous scene in Jurassic park where the scientist found the Amber..I thought it was beautiful back then.It is due to that fact that its is also known as the soul depository.

A funny story. An amber stones becomes electrically charged and paper and feather stick to it when its being rubbed against skin wool and silk too. It must have looked magical to Aristotles who thinks that Amber has a soul.

Healing Power

As it is a follized resin it ignites easily and in the past people believed that smoke has the power to drive evil spirits away and physically relieves respiratory ailments as well as throat infections. It was said to cure fever as well.Amber was widely use in Europe, Arabia and Egypt. What they did was to ground the Amber into powder and mixed with oil and honey and this became a natural antibiotic for healing wound. and regenerating tissue. Not only that it was believed that it act as remedy for heart diseases the plague and epilepsy. The handles of the surgical tools of the Arabic and Hewish traditions were carved from amber as it was thought to staunch bleeding.

Amber has the unique power of of stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanism. Present day Crystal practitioner place an amber over the wound to accelerate the healing . To bring the body back into balance, they put it at the thymus gland.

Transformational Power

On the energetic level Amber can be used to transmute negative vibration into positive ones. It creates a shield against all kinds of negative and unwanted energies.All you have to do is to place it on your body and it will cleanse and reactivate your chakras as well as your psychic immune syetem. In sickroom and places of adverse environmental energies . it is recommended to get several Amber and put it the four corners of the room to keep the energy of the room clean . This effectively protects the patient ans support the healing recuperation process.

For someone who want to be successful in life but they somehow lack the drive to succeed , having an Amber will motivate you to make decisions and move forward in your life .To the destination of the goals and dreams you want to accomplish. It helps to ground your vision into reality. With the power of Amber you will be able to recognize your true worth in yourself and other. You will look at life with a different pair of eyes .Personal quality becomes more important than wealth.