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AMAZONITE – A variety of feldspar. It helps to soothe the nervous system as well as strengthen the heart and the physical body.Its aids in the alignment of the mental and etheric body that sparks creative expression and feelings of upliftment and joy.Its influence the throat chakra so use it to facilitate awareness of clearer vision of your negative tendencies making it easier to release it.

Besides the throat chakra the other chakras correspondences are spleen, solar plexus, and heart . Amazonite helps open and stabilizes all the chakras.

For the soothing green Amazonite , its vibrational frequency is earthy .Do take note that another colour of the Amazonite: Brilliant turquoise is of a higher vibration. and works on the spiritual levels.

Legendary Power

As you can guess that the name of the stone comes from the land of this legend or more appropriately a mythology from the Greek chronicles the famous Amazon warriors who was known for cutting their right breast so that they can handle the bow and arrow more easily and be better hunter. They worshipped Artemis a virgin goddess of the moon . Artemis is considered a virgin in the psychological sense as she embodies the perfect and balance integration of the masculine and feminine energies. Amazonite stone was named after the Amazon River not the tribe although it does contains the qualities of the amazonian attributes like strength strong bonds of friendship and fortitude.Using an Amazonite is believed to hep you integrate the yin and yang energies and let you see both sides of the issue before deciding on the resolution of the matter at hand.

Healing Power

In todays world where we are exposed to all kinds of electro smog from our smartphones, tablets wi-fi signals going through our bodies frrom everywhere . Amazonite is an excellent stone for shielding the body from the harmful effects of subtle radiation and electromagnetic frequencies. Using kinesiology a muscle testing technique for checking for allergies and other problems shows that the immune system of sensitive people became weakened.

Another benefits of Amazonite is that helps to align the nervous system and help in muscles spasm

Amazonite frequency resonate with calcium interestingly and crystal practitioners use it to regulate calcium intake in their and to help prevent tooth decay and bone problems like osteoporosis by correcting the metabolic deficiences

The Transformational power

It was discovered that the green colouring of the Amazonite comes from the traces of lead in which according to sympathetic magic may deduce the reason why it is an effective shielding against electromagnetic smog.

Emotionally Amazonite transmutes the devastating emotional patterns and deconstructs your deeply ingrained beliefs system and encouraged the process of creative and expansive thinking so you will be able to create a new reality without any of the past conditioning to hold you back. For women who are not able to have children using this stone help to channel their creative energies as well as their nurturing abilities. into other form of creative expression .

Amazonite give you the courage to be independent and to move forward in life

As mentioned before brilliant turquoise Amazonite is of a higher vibrational frequency than the green ones so use it if you want to explore the other dimension of consciousness.Its provides you with powerful protection while you are in these subtle levels.

It also frees you from the karmic entanglements allowing your soul energies to express itself and reconnecting you to your own soul group.