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AGATE – Its a variety of chalcedony that helps to tone your body and strengthen your mind.

By just holding in your hands you will feel a sense of strength and courage.It helps to facilitate your mental acuity so you will be able to discern truth and to be more accepting of the circumstances. in your life It has a grounding but energetic effect.

Physiologically, the effects of Agate correspondence to the skin, eyes, lymphatic system and fluid balance, uterus stomach and digestive processes,blood vessels and pancreas.

Chakra correspondences: Agate works on the chakras based on the types and color of the stones.In general it works on all your chakras.

In terms of its vibrational frequency, It is very earthly.

Legendary power

In ancient times during the civilization of Mesopotamia ,Agates were engraved as seal stones which are symbols of Power and Authority. Agate is associated with the symbolism of wealth, health and longevity .It was also written by , Pliny that the Romans use agate stones to make mortar and pestles .tools that are used to make medicines by grinding.

Agate is useful in difficult situations as it support life and keeping one’s spirit from harm. According to legend eagles had carried Agates to their nests to protect their offspring from snakebites It is for this reason that people wore amulet Agates to guard them against the dangerous and potentially fatal bites of scorpions and spiders.

In China Agate is believed to be the solidified blood of the ancestors. In India however and North Africa , is it was believed that the red Agates contain the blood of demons and therefore it could protect the wearer against evil spirits.

On a more divine interpretation. Agate is associated with the Archangel Michael and Shekinah the divine and merciful Queen of the Heaven who oversees karmic release, attaining wholeness and blessings.

Healing Power

To overcome the effects of thirst ,travelers residing in the harsh Arabian and African deserts sucked on Agates . The stones were also used heal conditions like fever, dropsy , sleeping disorders like insomnia gum problem by firming it up and as a preventive measure for the onset of epilepsy in children.

In today’s time Crystal practitioners made use of Agates to bring stability to the physical body , harnessing the cleansing of the lymphatic system and regulation of fluid balance throughout the body.On the emotional level it bring about emotional healing and strengthen the mental concentration.

Transformational Power

For those who want to get in touch with your own inner self, Agate is an excellent stone to have .Its power lies in its ability to transmute negative dark emotions like jealousy, resentment and bitterness nullifying the negative psychosomatic effects on the body and bringing the body and mind back into balance . thanks to its powerful cleansing effect you will be able to assimilate life experience understand their lessons and recognize the gifts the experience bring to them.As you become attuned to the to the feeling of forgiveness and self acceptance you become more receptive to the spiritual currents in your life. You become more aware , moving along in the flow of life.

Use an Agate to help you recognize your true eternal nature and your divine connection to all things in the universe. Wear Agate around your neck or keep it in your pocket and touch it frequently to give you strength in your daily life.