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If you are looking at attracting abundance in your life, crystals are a great medium to help us increase our energy vibration to unblock all the obstacles and bring in the required growth and energy in our life. Natural crystals allow us to tap into the healing powers of Mother Earth.

Please be sure to cleanse your crystals after purchase and before using them to achieve this purpose as you do not want the negative energies from the previous owner or anyone who has touched this crystal to stay and hinder your abundance.

I will show you 5 powerful healing crystals that you can easily get your hands on so that you are on your way to getting optimal abundance in your life!


Amethyst helps one balance their mood, dissolves negativity and anxiety. It also helps one gain clarity and enhances psychic abilities.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a master healer as it removes all unwanted energies from the user and clear the space. It allows one to stay focused and attuned to their purpose.

Tiger Eye

Tiger eye helps with fatigue and depression. It also gives protection and stimulates one to take appropriate and determined action by clearing the blocks which is hindering our perception and integrity.


Selenite instils great peace in the user  and carries strong vibration of love and light. It promotes clarity of insight and clears confusion. It also helps to release mental, spiritual and  physical blockages.


Citrine is great as a stimulant to the brain as it promotes the intellectual ability. It enhances motivation, self-expression and creation. It also helps to unlock one’s abundance.

Choose any of the 5 above powerful yet easily accessible crystals to help you raise that vibration needed to bring in lots of abundance in your life now!

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